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Want doors of opportunity and possibilities?

If  you  want to have a door of opportunity  and possibilities, this  article will  teach you steps to achieve this.

In his latest book, the Co-Founder  of LinkedIn and millionaire Reid Haffman explains  that  if you own a business and  want  to be  successful  and be a top earner, you  must learn how to Recruit,Manage and Retain employees or team members in your  organization.

To  do this, you  must  follow the  following steps:

  • Greet your  members with  warm Enthusiasm
  • Welcome your new member to  the  existing team
  • Express and impart hopes that they will be with  your  organization for  many years
  • Reassure loyalty to  team  member(s)
  • Introduce them to your support/HR  team
  • Interview them to see if they are  a fit to your  organization and tell them that  they will

be on probation for 90 days after which they can quit or get fired for  any reason.

This is the modern employment experience. Tell them they are expected to be loyal in absence of job security or

professional development, but  are  free to leave anytime a better  opportunity  appears!

This will give them the  confidence and dispel dishonest that exists in many  organizations.

Therefore invest more in your  company and  avoid the pitfalls of losing employees or  team members.

The  above statement creates long term relationships  that is lacking in many businesses and  fold up.

Statistics by Gallop, indicate  that   many  companies have  unsatisfied  workers because of  disloyalty from both parties. Reid Hoffman, states  that a “business without loyalty is a business  without long-term goals and thinking.”

As a results, there is no  investing  for tomorrow,hence the  company folds up for ever!

How to avoid  this….

Start rebuilding employer-employee relationship in order to retain good  and  hard working team members. This is called Alliance Building. It  becomes a “tour of  duty company” with  good  allies who  have  mutual interest and  well focused. Their  contribution adds  value to your  company by them investing in the  success  of the  company.

What are the  benefits  to your company?

There is  mutual benefit to the  Alliance where both parties “risk” commuting to each  other for  a long term investment in the  view of  bigger payouts.

To  achieve  this, you  company should have a specific and  well defined mission or  goal with a  time horizon tour of  duty where  team members commit  to  sign and agree to your  company’s  blue  print.

In your  blue  print, explain the  specific benefits they  will get for  example, excellent  marketing  skills,building network alliances  with  clients  and business  to business communications, liberty  to leave for  green  pastures(this helps you to build that personal  and everlasting relationship that convinces them to stay with the  company). Then the  retention rate increases with  one goal- transforming lives and  enhancing personal portfolio of  skills and  experiences.

In the  long term,the  company is  transformed  to a big  and  viable organization as  a result of employee/team members accomplishing the  specific goals that subsequently improves the  business. Every members  works smarter because they  have mastered  the  blue print and  see meaning and  aspiration of the company’s  mission.

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Make it a great  day!

Charles Kaluwasha

Viral Marketing System

Viral Marketing System

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