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Want more people to believe in you?

Here is the “secret sauce” that you need
to understand if you want more people
to believe in you and buy your products.

People will only believe in
you when you are consistent.

If you are consistent, you will have
an amazing and consistent income.

If you are flaky, you will have a flaky,
and always stressful ever changing income.

Your consistency builds trust in the people
who are watching you. As soon as they
realize you are here to stick out your
entrepreneur journey…


Here is another huge secret though…

The most difficult part about becoming
an entrepreneur is the first year.

Because even though you are consistent,
the income, 9 times out of 10 won’t be what
you think or hoped for.

But true leaders know,
if they keep pushing,
they will get their dream life.

Don’t expect to just step into some fairytale
magical land when you become an entrepreneur.

You are going to go through fire whether your
sponsor tells you that or not, remember this.

Because without the fire…

You will never be fit to become a leader.

Leaders are created only when they go through
stressful times, push through it, and come out on top.

Followers are created when they go
through stressful times and quit.

You decide the lifestyle you want to achieve
by either becoming a leader or a follower.

Leaders lead the best lifestyles.

Become a leader.

It’s worth it.

Now if you want to start making more money…???

Here is the secret to that…

If you want to make more money, you need
to become the marketer and not the consumer.

It’s easy to figure it out.

Just think about your activities.

Does the activity give away your money,
or does it have the chance at making you
more money?

Here is some simple money making math…

Make 51%-99% of your life about making money
vs giving away your money, and then you will see
how the tides turn. 🙂

The more percentage of your life that you give
to making money, the more you will make period.

Consumers are 1%-49% about making money
and that’s why they will always remain at the
average consumer level lifestyle.

It’s just the facts… simple to understand.

It’s not easy to be disciplined at first when you
don’t see the reward just yet, but once the money
starts rolling in, you’ll get a taste of success, and
that drug is the one that will give you the lifestyle
of your dreams 🙂

The real secret though is figuring out how to collapse
time and duplicate your efforts. How do you become
faster, better, stronger and more present than anyone
else on this planet?

Answer: Using the internet

When you use the internet for marketing…

That’s the only chance you have at creating a
true, super wealthy lifestyle in less than 5 years.


We even have people creating
25k months in only 6 months.

It’s really up to that percentage 🙂

How much percentage are you
willing to give up for your dream life?

That’s the real question you have to ask yourself.

Then after that…

It’s all about following directions
and not taking shortcuts.

Making money is simple, everyone
always makes it seem so difficult.

You have to respect it of course, but the reality is,
you can make money your slave when you are
willing to learn and improve every single day.

It’s just not that many people are willing to do that.

So if you are…

You have the advantage.

You will be successful as long as you don’t quit.

Paving the way…
Charles Kaluwasha
ILN apprentice


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