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Want me to personally work on your business?

How would you like me and our team at Layers of Leadership, to personally help you with your business?

Imagine solving the biggest challenges that hold you back from the income and lifestyle you want.

Imagine getting detailed answers that pinpoint your business’ weak spots and speed up your growth.

Well, now you can.

90 day bootcamp to dissect your roadblocks, Get the Knowledge, Systems, Processes, and Training to turn your Dreams into Reality

If you grab this opportunity, you’ll spend 90 days during the scheduled 12 sessions picking my brain and brainstorming with team a team of LoL.

In this intimate sessions, you’ll get answers to the pressing questions you’ve always had about your business.

It’s like having an entire dedicated team of experts looking at your business with a microscope and optimizing it for profit.

So what would a deep dive brainstorm session with me be worth to you?



Because it has the ability to bring your dream lifestyle closer, some would call it priceless.

Bootcamp and brainstorming groups cost between $10,000 and $100,000 per year.

They have a huge price for a very good reason.

They work.

Business owners who invest in self or personal-development, consider it an incredible return on investment.

However for most people, they’re just not affordable.

That’s why I want to give something back, if you’re serious about growing your business.

And you won’t even have to invest a fraction of what a regular bootcamp sessions charges.

In fact, your total investment is only $1997 per year

People have called me crazy for offering this for so cheap. But I don’t care. I want to help serious marketers reach their dreams sooner.

When you enrol in this course,upgrade to an elite membership  and enjoy a free access to 90 day boot camp and start brainstorming with me and the other  leaders.

However, because you want a great personalized experience, we’re limiting these sessions to only 25.

So if you’re interested grab your membership before they sell out.

It might just be the smartest business investment you make in 2017.



P.S If you want a free 15 minute consultation with me to taste the waters,book a date with me here.

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