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What an Amazing Experience

Recently MyAdvertisingPays hosted an 18 Month Celebration event One member reported that it was absolutely mindblowing… in his  own words, he  stated,…

Wow, what an event!Everyone was saying the best event ever, with over 650 people in the room, the room was jam packed, standing room at the back and down all the sides. Not to mention all the people who could not even get in. (Sorry to you guys)

We had at least 10 to 12 New Diamond 1200 members go LIVE on stage. Two New Blue Diamonds.

We had world class trainers on stage, the announcement of the New Map Academy.

So many life changing stories, tears on stage, this business is changing peoples lives.

What really touched me was when a member came to me and said he had been attending events all his life and this was by far the best event he ever attended, when I asked why, he said because every speaker on stage spoke from the HEART.

It’s the truth, everyone makes money, lives are being changed and best of all we are only just getting started.

In addition to this we also had over 70 Commission Cheques to give out on stage but because of time we could only give out the top 30 which were all over SIX Figures!

My Earnings Cheque was over $127K but my friend Simon has now crossed the $1.7 MILLION Dollars line in just 18 months!. (results not typical) however it show just whats possible with dedication, 15 hour days eating sleeping maps, helping & inspiring others to success.

After the main event in the day over 120 of us had a wonderful Dinner at the Hotel followed by a disco till midnight. Great fun was had by all.

I want to give a MASSIVE thank you to every single one of you for attending the event, I want to Thank all the speakers, all the leadership, Tony & Lynn Booth and all the corporate staff, and of course to the CEO Mr Mike Deese for giving us all such a life changing opportunity.

I am really excited about the future & the next 18 months.


If you have not been aware of MAP, here is more information on how you can be making money within the HOUR then every 20 minutes 24/7 just by clicking 10 ads a day…


What ever you decide I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Keep being amazing

Be the best

MyAdvertisingPays Team


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