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What it really takes to start a business online/offline


If you are thinking of starting a business online or offline,Joel and Mike have some practical tips to help you in your decision.

  • You need a back plan,do not start under stress or financial difficulties
  • Start testing and experimenting while you are working, so that when things are not working for you, you still have money to pay for your mortgage
  • Invest in personal development by listening to webinars,reading business books.

  • Find a mentor to guide you on your journey, never go it alone.
  • Mike and Joel shot a blog for you today on what it really takes
    to start a business, online or offline and what you need to do
    is really have a backup plan..

    Do not wait until you’re under stress to ask for help!

    “I just lost my job, I need to start making money RIGHT NOW!”

    This breaks my heart because NO ONE can start or build a business
    under the stress of a financial IMPOSSIBILITY.

    To be financially strained is fine, but to be near broke causes too much
    stress and you literally can not think strait to build a business.

    In order to do yourself justice and to guarantee your own success you
    need a backup plan outlined here,

    They talk about that backup plan on GVO blog so click here:

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    Do you have a back up plan?

    Do you have a back up plan?

    Charles Kaluwasha


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