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What should you focus on when you are starting a home business

Following the few steps I am going to outline will save you 1000’s of dollars and man hours in your new business.

Many new comers online focus on unproductive activities such as CP,presentations,ordering business cards,creating banners,looking for and organising venues for meetings instead of making their first sale.

Selling is the first thing that should be your main goal. Selling is the number-one skill in business. If you cannot sell, then do not think about becoming a business owner.

To make more sales, you must at least have some of the following skills:

1. Right mind set

This involves changing the money goals, meaning, you must set new goals every time you make money.For example, if you made $50 last month, invest it in advertising and set a higher goal for the next month.

2. Know how the best sellers make their sales

3. Study the art of selling. You can reads books written by Brian Tracy-Psychology of sale,Robert Kiyosaki-Rich Da’s Business School.

4. Be a listener from what people want,desire and offer solution to their problems.

5. Learn to know more people. This is your best investment. The more they know and trust you, the easier you will sale

6. Remain focused. Do not jump from one opportunity to another before you see the results. Deal with one opportunity/company until results are evident, then move to another company.

Although it is a common sense to make money online, you must at least know some basics things, updating image, basic webpage editing and writing a blog.

But you must master one thing and focus on it. It is well known  that people that people who focus on one thing become very successful in business. They generate  income within a shortest time and have long term financial rewards.

Am talking from my own experience. I tell you that I wasted time and money by not following the above tips.

If  this has been useful today, leave a comment below.

Charles Kaluwasha


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  1. Charles Kaluwasha January 24, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    You have a good resource full of useful information to help new business owners. Those who do not have good budget are encouraged to get free viral marketing system to help them speed up wealth creation on line with free marketing tools,automation and coaching to learn more selling skills that are needed to survive in this competitive marketing.

    Wish you all the success



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