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What To Promote Online(Internet)


A friend on IBOSOCIAL platform asked me a question,” what programs or companies  do you promote as an affiliate and

what benefits do you get from using internet?”

In reply, I wrote him back with the following answers:

You can do anything on internet,educate, get Empowered, sale, socialize and anything you want

As for me I promote many products and services, 1st on the list is http://www.lifeonthenet7.com/pips.html a one stop website,

where Stone Evans can create a website for you  free within 24.00hrs.

Secondly I promote a travel membership- http://www.globalresortsnetwork.com/lotn7 $2000 perpetual income/sale

Next is Wellness product, http://www.ardysslife.com/lifeonthenet7  with shaping garments

The other one is MyLeadCompany- http://www.zambezidiscountleads.com if you want you can get 100 free leads today!

There are many other programs not listed above that give me residual income monthly. In short I m building an online empire to leave a legacy for my children and friends.

Nice hearing from you, pass my love to your family.


He has not written back, may be he is thinking about it or he has brushed it off. However, if you want to communicate with other like-minded people on the internet, it is free, fast and effective.

Many people have made a fortune utilizing the internet.

Thank you for passing by and have a lovely day!

Charles Kaluwasha




2 Responses to What To Promote Online(Internet)

  1. admin May 3, 2012 at 8:19 am #

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  1. Cath Price - May 1, 2012

    Cath Price…

    What To Promote Online(Internet) | LifeOnTheNet7.com…

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