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What we should be thankful for…

Hey folks, I want to share with you a short festive note written by EVG Research Team…

You see, today the entire United States celebrates one of its most cherished national holidays — Thanksgiving Day.

It’s a day often filled with great food, family get-togethers, and lots of sports on TV for those who care.

But the real intent of the day is to take a break from the daily routine. To step back and reflect. And then to give thanks for all the blessings we have, as a nation and as individuals.

Sometimes that’s not always easy.

We’ve heard from several EVG members over the last couple months about hard times. Lost jobs. Family illnesses.

It brings to mind a story from the beginning of the Great Depression…

It was a dark gloomy day in mid November of 1929 when a group of clergy gathered in a small New England church to discuss how they should conduct their Thanksgiving Day services.

Economic conditions were as bad as they could get, with no sign of relief. The bread lines were depressingly long, the stock market had plummeted to rock-bottom lows, and even though the term hadn’t been coined yet, “Great Depression” seemed an apt description for the mood of the entire country.

The ministers thought they should only lightly touch upon the subject of “thanksgiving” in deference to the human misery all about them. After all, they reasoned, there was not much to be thankful for.

But an elderly rabbi rallied the group. “This is not the time,” he suggested, “to give mere passing mention to Thanksgiving — just the opposite. This is the time for the nation to get matters in perspective and to give thanks for the blessings that have always been present, but perhaps suppressed due to intense hardship.”

That old man struck upon something. The most intense moments of thankfulness are often not found in times of plenty, but when difficulties abound.

Think of the Pilgrims that first did Thanksgiving…

Half their number dead, men without a country … still they interrupted their “survival mode” lifestyle to offer thanksgiving.

Their gratitude was not aimed at what they lacked, but what they had … and in the potential they’d been given for future prosperity.

It was that same sense of gratitude that led Abraham Lincoln to formally establish the first Thanksgiving Day in the midst of national civil war, when the list of casualties seemed to have no end and the very nation struggled for survival.

The Pilgrims … the President … the little group of no-name clergy … they all were able to see past their present troubles and know there was blessing in the struggle. It meant better days ahead.

Perhaps you, in your own life right now, are suffering some intense hardship. Your own “great depression.”

Maybe you’ve even made some bad financial choices causing you personal grief right now. Decisions you now regret. Like poor money management. A bad investment. A soured partnership. A failed business. Too much debt. Lack of retirement savings.

The list could go on.

You can either beat yourself up over past mistakes, or learn from them. And look forward to better days ahead. After all, your life is FILLED with potential … and opportunities right now… if you only look for them.

Most people dwell on the negative of past mistakes, and that paralyzes them from creating a better future.

Charles Dickens stated the truth eloquently,

“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many–not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

Here at EVG, our job is to give you the tools and resources to reach your potential. To help erase past financial mistakes. To preserve, protect and grow your own quality of life.

We’re thankful for our group of EVG financial strategists who give us the ability to do just that.

Their wise counsel means we can turn present blessings (income and savings) into future prosperity through wise investments.

But none of that would matter without you. You are the driving force behind our mission.

Because without your desire to break free from the mediocrity of the middle class and take this journey with us … and to claim financial freedom as your own… none of this would matter.

That’s why most of all, we give thanks for you.

May you find prosperity — and thankfulness — in whatever you do.

The road to get there may seem daunting at times … but we can all be thankful we have the freedom to walk that road together.

And remember … we’re always here as your partner in prosperity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Partner In Prosperity,
EVG Research Team


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