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What’s Your Headline’s Purpose In Life?

Entrepreneurs and business owners know by intuition, or find out by necessity, that their marketing materials are essential for attracting prospects and converting them into buyers.

This much is clear. What they often don’t realize is that simple changes in a promotion can have a profound impact on results.

And one of the quickest and easiest elements to adjust and test is the headline of the sales letter or brochure or web page. By simply trying different headlines one can elevate their response rates by double, triple or much much more.

Of course, every part of the marketing message is critical – the lead, the body, the theme, the features, the benefits, the emotional appeal, the proof elements, the close. But other than the offer itself, they often stand in line behind the headline in terms of conversion.

The reason is elementary. The headline comes before everything else. Right there, splashed across the top of the first page. It is the initial attention-getter, the first element read. It is the bridge to everything else in your copy. The headline is the appealing copy element that persuades the prospect to read the rest of the marketing material.

It achieves this lofty status because it is what grabs your prospect attention, their eyeballs, so they’ll eventually grab their pen to sign open their wallets to buy. It’s a sales letter for the sales letter.

It can take the form of a subtle allure, a back slapping howdy do, a shouting alarm, a topical news story, or anything in between. The sole requirement is that it works to grab attention and converts that instantaneous moment in time into further readership.

Devising new or multiple headlines is essentially a research and brainstorming task. To keep on the right track, here are some questions one can ask as ideas are being developed.

Does the headline offer a reward? Is there a benefit described or alluded to? Like, “Cut your pay per click costs in half and still stay in the top five results? or “How to repair your credit score and save yourself from knee-capping interest costs”

Does it have specifics that add credibility and address skepticism? “Nutrition expert, who trains world-class athletes, can help you lose 20 pounds fast” or “customers say green thumb’s expert lawn care lets them have a greener weed free lawn all year round”

Is there an advocate speaking to their needs and coming to their defense? Do they come across as an ally and not just a salesman? “We warned our readers of the market collapse and helped them keep their gains with our well-timed action alerts”.

Does it garner a emotive response or deep concern that your already has permeating their mind? Are they already agitated to the point that they’re not going to take it anymore and seek a solution? For instance, “Who’s really making the money here, me, or my broker? Or “If I get one more pimple, I’m gonna tear my face off!”

Does it offer a proposition or transaction that gets your prospect nodding in agreement or excited about the thought of going further? “See results in 30 days or it’s free” or “Once you have that fuller head of hair and a renewed confidence, well watch out ladies”.

Does it have an element of intrigue or curiosity that simply compels the prospect to find out more? Like “how to burn disease out of your body by simply using the palm of your hand” or “can you write a letter like this one?”

This is merely a hand full of many possible techniques and examples one can use when creating different types of headlines.

Brainstorming ideas and trying different approaches is vital when creating truly big winners that can grow your business by 756% overnight, help you lose 57 and one-half pounds without breaking a sweat, and attract spell-bound buyers like a desk-drawer magnet gathers up stray paper clips. Uhhh….more brainstorming needed.

Charles Kaluwasha is passionate about helping thousands of people around the Globe make a difference in their lives by starting and running a successful home business. To subscribe to a Free Home Business Secrets Mini- Course and find the best home based business ideas and opportunities visit:

One Response to What’s Your Headline’s Purpose In Life?

  1. GT July 9, 2008 at 5:10 am #


    Charles Kaluwasha Does It Again!

    …Delivers another great article offering insight and excellent marketing information.

    Thanks, Charles.

    GT Bulmer

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