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When everything fails,Persistence Prevail!

On a Tuesday morning the 11th May 2010, I opened my Swom account and received a Wall to Wall message from a veteran marketer and entrepreneur. It fired my spirit and gave me the enthusiasm to even work harder to make more connections in building my business on Swom social network.

Peter Allard 5,783 pts

Peter Allard > Charles Kaluwasha: Hello Charles – When all else Fails, Persistence Prevails! The heart that is Stable is the one that is Able. Life is not all natural ability, it must combine with Stickability. Resistance is aggravating but Persist to the prize that is waiting!
39 minutes ago

Charles Kaluwasha’s Comment Thanks Peter for the wise words, I do appreciate, wish you good health and swomming. Cheers
less than a minute ago –

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Age has nothing to do with online business, this veteran is in his late 80s but he is still making money on the internet,at the time of this article he had accumulated 5,783 pts meanwhile, the young ones like you and me are failing to make it on line. What excuse can you give? Is it lack of focus, persistence, time and passion?
Learn from this experience and start you own business on line today!

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