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Who doesn’t Love a Stuffed Pig?


Many people wonder why a pig gets fatter and fatter(stuffed) as compared to other domestic animals.

Once upon a time,there lived a farmer with a dog, cat,cock and a pig.
The man said to his wife,”I think we need to slaughter one of these animals tomorrow”
Yes darling,”replied the wife!”

The cat was listening and went to whisper to other animals. Guys, “said the cat,the master is planning to slaughter one of us”.

The dog said,”I scare away enemies”. The cock said,”I wake up the master to go to the farm”. The cat said, “I keep the house safe by eating all the snakes and rats that come into the house”. But the pig said, “me my job is just to eat because I don’t want to be thin. All the other animals laughed and said, “you will be slaughtered because you finish the master’s food.

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