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Why Are People Leaving

Why are
people leaving?

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While the number of people who sign on to the Net for the first time
still increases every day, people are *leaving* their Internet
businesses in record numbers.

Some have even made a career out of leaving the Internet.

People are leaving the Net because they are fed up … frustrated
… disappointed.

You may have felt the frustration too. So much hype, so few real
answers. So many promises, so little reality.

One of the things I like about my autoresponder service is that
people can leave comments behind when they leave our little DOE
Insider family.

Mostly, people tell us what’s on their minds. If I can help, I write
them back even though they left the list.

We had 10 people leave the list last week (we’re blessed with a low
unsubscribe rate) and the comments they left behind point up an
interesting trend.


Comments: I just do not have time to deal with it, but I think you
are doing a good job for the people that do

Comments: I am withdrawing from Internet Marketing so I no longer
require this service. Thank you.

Comments: I do not need the information anymore. I have quit my
business. Thank you!

Comments: Changing direction from mlm to investing.

Comments: Fed up with the whole internet thing. Nothing to do with


That last person summed up something one hears much more often
lately. People are fed up, disappointed, frustrated.

Frustration is an interesting emotion. Many years ago, a very wise
man said that frustration ultimately stems from unrealistic

Does that describe the Internet or what!?!

So, WHY do people become frustrated and what can you do to AVOID the
frustration? Below are several ideas to help.

===== The Problem

First, the causes of frustration.

There seem to be three main causes of frustration on the Net

1. Too much hype.
2. Lack of real support.
3. Rampant false expectations.

People are frustrated with the hype out there. The problem here is
self-evident. I heard a guy say the other day that if he could bag
up all the manure (not the word he used) he has seen online, he
could fertilize the entire state of Texas. Great line.

People are also fed up with being sent to a Frequently Asked
Questions page when what they need is to speak with a real person.
People need, and want, personal support.

Third, and to be truthful, people come online with their
expectations set *way* too high. The Internet is NOT the pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow. Never has been, never will be. No one
makes their fortune in 30 days, or 35 days, or 45 days. They just
show you a glimpse of their bank account that makes it look that

Here’s the frustrating part of this for me. I KNOW that almost
anyone can succeed online.

But if you let the frustration win, if you let it get you down and
quit, you have ZERO chances of succeeding online!

===== Now … A Solution

You can beat this frustration! DON’T give in to disappointment. Stay
the course and you WILL win!

Here are  ways to beat back the frustration, keep your chin up,
and put yourself in a position to profit online.

1. Become Hype-Proof

Learn to see the information you receive in a larger context. All
good marketers know how to make their product sound appealing, and
know how to create a sense of urgency.

Only YOU know if you really NEED another autoresponder, or another
eBook on how to write an eBook, or … you get the point.

See number five for a quick way to become hype-proof.

2. Understand That Off-Line Business Rules Still Apply

We must understand that it still takes money to make money We still
must advertise to sell goods and services. The Net makes this
wonderfully easy and effective, but we still must take the steps.

3. Separate Yourself From The Net – Don’t Be Online Too Long

Many online entrepreneurs work late into the night. About the worst
possible time to make a purchasing decision is after a long session
of being online. It’s often wise to wait until the next morning, or
next evening, to make a decision.

4. Don’t Fall Prey To Information Overload

In this is the number one problem I see with people who have gone
online within the last three to six months. Everyone gives away so
many e-books and the courses. How can a person be expected to read
everything, much less not drown in the information.

One solution to information overload is to make a list of things
that you really need in your business, then research them one at a

For example, you’re going to need an autoresponder, you’re going to
need to do advertising, you will need a web hosting company, you’re
going to need to create a web site, and you will need for five other
things before you can successfully do business online.

Now take one thing at a time, and learn what you need to know about
that one thing. Then, move on to the next.

5. Wait 24 Hours Before Buying Anything

When I wrote this line my bank account hollered Amen! If only I
practiced get faithfully. I have never waited 24 hours to buy
something and regretted it.

Please don’t fall for the JavaScript trick where web sites tell you
that you must order within the next three days, three minutes, or
three seconds to get that "once a lifetime" price.

I can guarantee that 99% of the time, this is a trick. To prove it
for yourself, bookmark the next site you visit that offers a limited
time guarantee. Then visit the site the day after the guarantee was
supposed to expire. Or, if you know how, view the source code and
see the JavaScript for yourself.

6. Take Something Of Value And Stick With It

Recent studies show the common pattern of behavior on the Internet
is to join a program, promoted a little, and then leave it. This can
not lead to success.

In any business, success takes time. Give your online business the
time it needs to succeed and it will reward you with passive income
for years to come.

7. Don’t Fear You’ll Miss IT … IT Doesn’t Exist

This is the BIG ONE folks! Right now, for example, Mastery TV is all
the rage. Only six months ago, a program called Cash Evolution was
all the rage. As I understand it, Cash Evolution, even with Mark
Joyner’s endorsement, was a disaster.

Will Mastery TV end up a winner or loser? While I don’t pretend to
know the answer, and many factors will determine that answer, I do
know that no one who signs up, promotes for two weeks, and quits,
will make ANY serious revenue.

Doing business on the Internet has been challenging lately. Spammers
make it harder to get messages delivered, yet you’re reading this
one. More and more web sites means more competition, yet your site
got visitors today.

Success online comes down to this ….

Do the basic things very well, stick with it, and success WILL be

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