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Why You Need Network Professionals In Your Business



Sponsoring the right people is vitally important because…
Time is Money!

The single most important factor of building a large organization is the quality of the people you sponsor. Building a large organization is impossible without a proven system for duplicating your efforts.

The time proven strategy of sponsoring network marketers is exactly how many of the industry’s top earners have made their fortunes. When you sponsor network marketers, you’re sponsoring people who are already highly pre-qualified.

And the bottom line is, most network marketing distributors will take a look at another program if they think it will offer them a better opportunity than the program they are currently with.

We are not here to knock techniques that have worked for millions of people for 40 years; we just offer a new and vastly improved tool. What type of people do you think will build your business faster … Opportunity Seekers or Network Marketing Professionals? Take a peek at the “Evolutionary Table” below and decide for yourself.


Evolution on the 24/7 FastTrack
Opportunity Seekers, Family & Friends FastTrack Network Marketing Professionals
Growth Rate Linear Growth – Build your business one opportunity seeker, family member or friend at a time. Geometric Growth – Explode your business with quality networkers who bring in tens, hundreds or thousands of networkers at a time
Time Management Hit or Miss – Spend your time chasing after people who may or may not be interested in the industry. Highly Effective – You only talk to interested people who have decided network marketing is for them and believe in the industry
Training & Experience Valuable Time Wasted- Spend months and months training new members, only to find 80% quit within the first 6 months. Fine Tuning – Networkers have already been trained and understand the industry. They simply need to learn about your company
Expectations Unrealistic – Most give up quickly after experiencing some rejection and a few challenges. Realistic – Experienced and determined networkers understand that challenges are part of doing business and carry on regardless.
Sphere of Influence Limited – They know other people without experience or belief in the industry. Endless – Networkers know other networkers, who know other networkers, etc.
Work Ethic Maybe, Maybe Not – Some people will go to work; most will not. If you are fortunate to sponsor a bunch, you may have a handful of workers on your team. Proven Track Record – These networkers have a proven determination to succeed and they do the work. In fact, most of the time your prospects will contact you before you lift a finger.

When you compare 24/7 FastTrack to “old school” it really doesn’t seem all that fair, does it?


The choice is yours. Spend your valuable time chasing after opportunity seekers, friends and family or let 24/7 FastTrack bring “ready, willing, and able” network marketing professionals into your business. Then spend your valuable time teaching, coaching, supporting and serving your team.

Get started with 24/7 FastTrack today!

See your business explode!
See you @ the top:-)

Charles Kaluwasha
FastTrack Team Member
(262) 354-0017

P.S. Learn more about how the 24/7 system works
… Build Multiple Profit Streams.
… Explode any networking business!
… No knowledge or experience necessary.

P.P.S. NEW Training, Tools & Resources
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… Sponsoring, leadership & team building!
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Essential Tools For lnternet Success

These tools can be yours for nothing by simply sharing them with your team members. Use them to build any home business.


1. Voice Broadcasting – Deliver your message, in your voice, to 1,000s with a single click of your mouse! Personalize Your Marketing!

2. Email Automation – 1,000s of professionally designed and written emails … “drip market” on your prospects endlessly! Automate Today!

3. Lead generation – These dynamic, integrated lead capture pages do 100% of the “grunt work” for you! Take a quick tour!

Use these to tools to grow any home business(es) you like. They really do work!

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