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Why you should invest in Viral Express



This is a new concept of recuiting,retaining and growing your team for success.
If you have a website, we shall allow you to promote and sponsor new team members for life.This is what we call automated enrollment and retention…

At Viral Express, we give tools that bring money in your pocket

At Viral Express, the tools work for you to recruit without talking to some one,interviews and  sort out real interested people for you.

At Viral Express, you can promote 3 websites of your choice free for life

At Viral Express  we care for you, receive free mentoring and coaching every week.

At Viral Express, the system becomes yours for life and make multiple residual income.

The choice is yours whether to promote other peoples’ programs or promote your own vending machine d and  share it with your beloved ones.

See the new concept of our automatic marketing tools  that bring in 2-4 enrollment for you every day…


To your success

Charles Kaluwasha


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