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Woman of integrity and full of Feminine Power,want to meet and know her?

As soon as she opens her mouth to talk, you can feel that connection and that you have found someone who has that “power” to change your life.
Christy Ivkovich is a woman full of Femini Power and if you want to tap that into yourself…

*Whether to build or launch a business of your dreams
*Or to manifest greater health,healthy relationships
*Attract other marketers to join your business
*Learn leadership skills in life…
*Or because you know you have some deep inner failures you want to overcome and achieve things you want the most…

Christy is the right person to associate with…

For more than a decade, she has transformed peoples’ lives privately, some of them are the greatest men and women your hear about in the media. She gave up her engineering career as a single mum and started her own organisation so that she can look after her young kids, that was 17 years ago. Since then, she has never gone back to a day job.
She teaches moms and dads how to avoid the 5-9 rucksack race, living from paycheck to paycheck and not having enough time to look after your family.

If Christy’s work has even a smallest impact she’s had on me,this woman could help change your entire life! She is a master transformational teacher and coach. The kills she will help you build will radically impact how you think about and see the world and yourself. She is passionate about you providing opportunities for your family and those around you.

You will have the ability to love yourself deeper,know your purpose in life and how you can help others do the same. Is that not the greatest gift to have in life?

She has now come reluctantly into open after persuading her several times that there were people like You who needed her compassion, genuine tender care and extraordinary leadership qualities in all aspect of your life, especially if you want to build a solid work at home business!

It’s easy to join her Layers of Leadership league, she can give you a free website that you will be able to give away and build that healthy relationship and have financial freedom and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice.

If you want to listen to one of her free webinars packed with sought after information,register here!

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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