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The world’s first democratic social economy launches its own cryptocurrency

According to reliable sources,this past week, about 6,000 people attended the Miami Blockchain Conference,

There was strong enthusiasm and determination from some
of the smartest people looking to revolutionize our world with blockchain technology.

Though the blockchain won’t fix everything, but it can certainly put an end to
much of the daily fraud that goes on because we are all forced to
have these middlemen institutions involved in every single
financial transaction humanity makes.

Thousands of attendees left Miami in good spirit because they saw that this crypto revolution 
is unstoppable.

Many people who attended conference also left depressed because many of the sociopaths in the government are starting to make their way into the blockchain world, with real cryptocurrency
supporters advocating for SEC regulations and guidance from the central banks
and the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s depressing because  most of them don’t want to see the cryptocurrency
revolution attempt to fit into the current financial system.

Instead, they want it to eat the current system.

They want it to destroyed and pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous
future for the entire world.

Many experts have no doubt that the dollar as we know it is going away – that much is certain.

And new currency will take over….cryptocurrency

In this vane, Empower has been working behind scenes for the past few years developing their own  empowr cryptocurrency coins that has operated within the empowr ecosystem…. with the aim to increase compensation and transparency.

It has been successfully used to pay people in many aspects:

  • Selling products and services
  • Paying successful coaches
  • Inviting friends and get paid
  • Merchants  applications
  • Posting updates and photos
  • Maturation of revenues
  • Mission points
  • And mission performance


The good news is that…

And YOU can get 1 FREE crypto coin

just for signing up!

And you will earn extra 25 crypto coins when you earn 100 Mission Points

See you inside!

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