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Year in Review

I thank my Lord for the provision and His tender mercies provided for me and my family. He Has protected us through out the year. Even when we passed through hardship, His has was with us. We thank Him for His unending love to us.

He has helped to be faithful in very little things.We continued praising His name by helping others, financially,spiritually and physically. One important thing was to forgive all those who did wrong things to us either intentionally or unintentionally.

On the business front, we continued to thrive in this unstable economy. Some times sales were hard to come by, this created anxiety and fear of unknown.Thanks to business friends and mentors who encouraged us on our journey.

Personally, I completed a master degree in clinical nursing at one of the first universities in New Zealand,Victoria University of wellington. Achieving this has given me a sense of satisfaction and an encouragement and inspiration to my children and all the migrants in the world. Use the time at hand and develop your mind by setting priorities.

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