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You invest once and continue getting the benefits for long time to come. This is the only way  you’re ever going to accumulate a significant amount of wealth  through passive income, http://www.roitravelnetwork.com
Details are on this link, http://www.hoversonleadership.com/opportunity.  Let me save you a ton of time and give you the facts and figures you need to make an informed decision.
Global Resorts Network has 3 Membership Options;
Platinum (Lifetime Membership): The most preferred and most common membership option, the Global Resorts Network platinum membership is good for a lifetime and also provides premiere positioning in the pay plan for those interested in earning $2k commissions for referring others to the product.
Perhaps the most valuable and often overlooked aspect of the GRN membership is it’s transferable nature, providing most Americans and the world at large the opportunity to leave their families with a legacy of travel and unforgettable memories…

Gold (3 Year Membership): The Gold membership definitely not your best option but a better alternative than the free affiliate option from an earning standpoint.  These types of purchasers are typically the ones who are not quite sure they REALLY want to be involved.
It’s usually not stemming from a lack of capital, but rather the inability to pull the trigger and commit 210%. As a full time entrepreneur and home business owner, I don’t recommend it- half-hearted efforts never produce full time results.

Free Affiliate:Least common, and not recommended, the free affiliate option is for those that see the value in the GRN business opportunity, but may be lacking the capital to get started. From my experience (having sponsored more than 60 individuals directly at the Platinum level), those interested in the free affiliate option are curious and not serious.
Let’s face it, if you can’t put together $5k in investment capital to start your business, you’re really better suited for a job, not a business. If working from home is your goal, there are many options to create immediate income doing online jobs like data entry, article writing, or processing rebates. Generate some income to pay your bills first.

Inside The GRN Membership
Here’s what you need to know…
The signature benefit of the Global Resorts Network membership are what they call “hot weeks” where you can stay in luxury resorts (average retail $1,100+) for as little as $298 for an entire week. This is the entire week for your entire family, not per person.
Even if you aren’t willing to travel in these so called “hot weeks” you can still search the resorts registry and choose the dates you want to travel to a particular resort.   Either way with the Global Resorts Network membership you can travel 52 weeks out of the year if you wish, no restrictions, no points to deal with, no maintenance fees, and still reap the rewards of deep discounted travel prices.

Enjoy a week at Taupo Lake Resorts

Enjoy a week at Taupo Lake Resorts

In Summary
There are 3 membership levels available and 99% of individuals choose to come in at the Platinum level, and it’s no coincidence, there is more value for business builders by doing so.

As with any business opportunity online, some people come in with false expectations in thinking that GRN is an online job- rather than an internet business.
Ultimately, the success or failure of your business will be determined by a few critical factors.
1) Your determination and drive –  are you looking to “give it a shot” for a week and “see how it goes” or are you 210% committed to making it work at all costs?

2) Your expectations- are you looking for an online job and expecting to get paid next week based on how many hours you put in? Or do you understand that it may take as long as 30, 60 or 90 days for you to make your first sale, but when things start clicking you’ll be primed for an incredible lifestyle and unlimited income. Watch the great pay plan by clicking this link http://www.globalresortsnetwork.net/flash/biz/payplan.swf

3) Your resources- how much risk capital do you have to invest in getting your business off the ground? Realize that free marketing strategies require a significant amount of time. With paid marketing strategies you will be able to generate leads almost immediately and get your business off the ground a lot faster than free methods.

It’s up to you to decide how to build your Global Resorts Network business.  There is no right or wrong way but you can choose whether you want to build fast or slow.  My suggestion is to be sure you partner with a Global Resorts Network leader, that has already built a successful GRN business, yet still has time to help you successfully build your business if you decide Global Resorts Network is your choice of business.  If you are ready to get started Click here http://www.roitravelnetwork.com

Charles Kaluwasha

One time fee for life

Delivering profitable performance

P.S.S Visit our blog and enjoy traveling


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