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You+ Vacation=Longer and Health Life

Taking a vacation can save your life.

Truth or myth?

Conde Naste Traveler published an article about
how taking a vacation can (quite literally) save your
life. Find out more here:

“Your Next Vacation Could Save Your Life”

What You Can Get When You Vacation:

1.Less risk of heart attack

2.Less depression

3.Slows down the aging process

4.More Sleep (an hour per night, on average)

5.Less stress (anticipating an upcoming vacation can be quite fun)

6.And much, much more!

Let Us Help You Live A Happier, Healthier Life!
My business partners and mentor Alpha told me a true story.
Years ago, her husband and herself lived in Aviano, Italy.
There, They had the most friendly neighbors and
friends one could imagine. One of thier neighbors,
Maria Guilia (pronounced Julie), used to give them
fresh heirloom tomatoes from her garden on an
almost daily basis during tomato season. She even
knitted a beautiful baby blanket for thier son that she
was expecting. (His name is Joseph, which would
be “Guiseppe” in Italian).

Anyhow, while they were there, they noticed something.
The Italians lived their lives “slowly.” They took
Siesta in the afternoon (stores would close each
day, from about noon to 2:30 in the afternoon. Tier
town seemed like a ghost town during those few
hours). They spent time with family and friends and
did very well with eating together, while visiting and
laughing. And… they knew how to take vacations!

In August (and sometimes part of July and
September, but mostly August), businesses in Italy
close down and employees take leave to go 4-6
week Holidays. A lot of the people in that area
would head to the beaches to sit and bask in the
sun. And the military (who her husband worked for)
would never schedule any meetings with Italian
contractors during that time. In Italy, vacations are
a right and Italians take them.

One of their Italian friends told them one day,
“Americans live to work; and Italians work to live.”

So, do you want more vacations or less? We can’t
call your boss (if you work) to get you off of work,
but we will help you save money when you travel,
so you can see more places (or at least buy more

Your Path To Less Stress….

All My Best,
Charles Kaluwasha

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P.P.S. Stay at one of our resorts for your next
vacation. Spend all day at the spa the spa, play a
round of golf, lounge in the hot tub, talk over
dinner, go on a hike in nature, access endless
possibilities. Live well.
Wellington 5024 New Zealand





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