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Your activity today will determine your future

past present futureIt pains me to look back in my life… the time I wasted!

The action I took cost me heaps of unproductive days

The opportunities I missed,brings regrets and poverty

If there was a reverse, I would not waste my time again or pass up

the golden opportunities. I say this because my mentor asked

me this …

How many times have you promised yourself that you 

would step out to do something that could change 

your life… but procrastination got in the way??

I’m sure we all have… but here’s what we must change….

Pushing off tomorrow, what can be accomplished TODAY!!

There’s POWER in taking advantage of RIGHT NOW….

Who you’ll become 5 years from now is a product of 

what you do TODAY, 

the books you read TODAY, 

the actions you take TODAY, 

the mentors you connect with TODAY, 

the decisions you make TODAY….. which will impact 


Take Action TODAY… to create the TOMORROW that 

you’ll be proud of!

Here’s a great place to start 

==>> http://www.instant commission.us

Have a Productive Monday!

Charles Kaluwasha

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